Nine days in and we have had the best time! Thank you so very much to everyone for watching the shows, sending in your wonderful messages, interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter and all the emails, calls received. I have been touched by everyone’s support.

Although it’s been a very busy nine days for me, I have tried to snatch as many minutes as possible, here and there, to stand back and take in the joy of what’s happening at Trusseau TV. The production team are on fire every day! They are working at full pace but loving every minute. Their excitement is infectious.

Our guests, experts and psychics that have joined us have been amazing. Their combined strength, knowledge and support provides a massive energy to the studio!

When we planned to get the project off the ground, we knew that there would be familiar and exploratory avenues for us to face. It’s been a work in progress with so many new ideas discussed each day and many plans to still push out.

To keep this dream alive and going from strength to strength, please do continue your support. Keep interacting, messaging and phoning. Without your support, we wouldn’t have a show.

Lots of love,

Tamara xxx

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