About Trusseau TV

At Trusseau TV, we are dedicated to excellence, awareness and innovation. Our shows bring a psychic and holistic bearing into discussions and subject matter delving thoroughly into the various segments of the psychic world. Our evening show, World Focus places a psychic and holistic nuance upon lifestyle and everyday questions, incorporating dialogue with interactivity and psychic and holistic guidance.

Our programmes thrive on live interaction with our audience. Whether via social media, email, text, voicemail or phone, our objective is to answer every question with care, practicality and consideration.

Studio guests and resident members of our team are dedicated professionals with their own individual style and experience. They are accomplished in their field of expertise and recognised within the psychic and holistic domain for their achievements.

Art, music, literature and other forms of creativity, expressed within a psychic and intuitive context, will also feature regularly on our shows. We promote and investigate new techniques, while retaining the integrity and relevance of traditional methods.

On Trusseau TV, we are forward-thinking, energetic and progressive. Through discussion, demonstration and practical application, we attempt to unravel the intriguing facets of the psychic and spiritual world.